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We begin our history around the world from June 01, 2019. In the year of the little boar on the Chinese horoscope, symbolizing prosperity and wealth. And yet, it is believed that under his patronage a great time for a career and the birth of new projects, so we hope that the project "Bitcoin piggy Bank" will be successful and popular all over the world and for long time.

In the culture and traditions of different countries, there is a belief that it is difficult to succeed alone, and that true luck awaits those who are willing to work in a team. It is the team work based on collective mutual assistance that is laid in the bitcoin piggy Bank project. Join and You.

Well, if necessary, if you have any questions or you may over time notice an error or incorrect calculation of the accrual of profit, feel free to contact us by e-mail. We'll figure it out together. And we will try not to make mistakes.

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News #101.06.2019
The official launch of the project "Bitcoin piggy Bank"

Dear friends and visitors of the site. Today we officially announce the start of the project "Bitcoin piggy Bank". Each of you can participate by reading the rules of participation in the project, which are described in detail on the website. In connection with the beginning of the "Cycle #1" and the status of "Diamond", the project will have a profit rate of +50%, starting from the 1st to 1.000.000-th payment. After the end of the "Diamond" status and the transition to the "Platinum" status, we will inform you about it additionally. Have time to take places with the maximum rate of profit. Statistics on payments will be updated every day.


What is bitcoin?
Bitcoin is also a payment system, but it uses its own currency for payments. Bitcoin is the first digital currency that is not controlled by any financial institution. At the same time, bitcoin performs the main functions of money: it can be used to buy or sell services and goods, or as a means of accumulation.