Payments ⇒ accounting reports, queue

In this section, at the end of each working day, reports on financial settlements with participants are published. The most recent reports are located at the top of the list, based on the last 30 reports for the reporting period. Later calculations can be viewed in a large file "Archive".

Each report contains detailed information about incoming payments from all participants of the project, as well as the place assigned to each bitcoin wallet of the participant in the queue, which is updated every day, so you can predict your approach to making a profit from the "Bitcoin piggy Bank".

The report is an exported extract from the bitcoin wallet of the project, in the txt format. That is, it is opened on the computer using the program "Notepad". For the convenience of information transfer via the Internet, each report will be compressed in zip format.

General statistics ⇒ 17.08.2019
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  • Reports

The "Report" publishes: 1) Incoming "Received with" payments; 2) a list of bitcoin wallets that received payment for today; 3) a list of bitcoin wallets waiting for their turn to be paid, as well as the number in the queue of each bitcoin wallet.

  • Archive

The "archive" publishes Incoming "Received with" and Outgoing "Send to" payments for the entire period of the project "Bitcoin-piggy Bank". For convenience, each archive contains information for one year. The publication of the archive is updated once a week.

Report decryption

After opening the report, you will see a list of lines, each of which contains: the date of payment, type of payment, bitcoin wallet address and the amount of payment in bitcoins. Scrolling below, you will see two inscriptions. The first inscription: "at the Top are listed bitcoin wallets waiting for payment from the piggy Bank. Next to each bitcoin wallet is its number in the queue."And the second inscription: "at the Bottom are listed bitcoin wallets that received payment from the piggy Bank – for today! Just for today!"See figure #1 below.

If you need to see a list of bitcoin wallets that received payment from the piggy Bank for another period of time, then download the later reports. Or look at them in a large file "Archive", which lists all payments, both incoming and outgoing, without editing.

Also, on the blockchain sites or in the "Archive", where the outgoing payments "Send to" will be published, the following bitcoin wallet will be periodically listed (see figure #2 above). Don't worry – this is our bitcoin wallet designed for fees of 0.001 btc per payment. "How is the fee calculated?"you ask. For example, we processed 20 bitcoin wallets of participants and sent each payment from the piggy Bank. As a result, the fee for 20 payments is 0.020 btc. Next, we included all 20 payments in one blockchain transaction and paid for it, for example, 0.008 btc. And the remaining amount of 0.012 btc, which is reflected in the report, was credited to the bitcoin wallet of the project for Commission fees, which we later use to support the work of the project and its development around the world. The size of each transaction, that is, the number of processed payments at a time can be viewed on the sites, for example here: